What To Make For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is round the corner and what better to make for this special occasion than a tangy Butternut Squash Juice. The Squash is a beautiful fruit that grows abundantly in many parts of the country and its succulent flesh is often used in recipes. It has a tart, tangy flavor that goes well with turkey and other meats. In fact, many recipes use it in place of onions or garlic as a flavoring for fried foods.

Many thanksgiving side dishes involve potatoes or sweet potatoes. One of the best ways to use them is to have them grated and combined with a bit of cream or milk to add a little more creaminess to your thanksgiving dinner. With the way thanksgiving dinner parties are these days, you may find yourself serving potato salad as a starter dish or even corn bread as a desert. It is a relatively simple dish to make and is a good start to your thanksgiving dinner. If you do not want to go all out for the dessert, you could always take your butternut squash and use it as a base for some delicious dessert recipes.

A big batch cooking of pumpkin pie is a crowd pleaser that can be made in advance and stored in the fridge for days. You can start your thanksgiving dinner early and let everyone have a taste of this warm and delicious pumpkin pie. There is something about the smell of pumpkin pie that is so comforting. This autumn surprise will warm the heart and soul and will make a splendid addition to any buffet or menu.

To top off your meal, you could also have a big, fresh, baked casserole. You can make a variety of casseroles and you should be able to find one that suits your taste. Try out some Italian flavors like garlic, sausage, or tomato. Some people love pumpkin seeds in their casseroles and others prefer the flavor of dried herbs like parsley or sage. If you are having leftovers, you could make some extra crispy fried chicken or leftover beef that can be topped with your casserole.

Roasted vegetable is one of the most classic dishes for thanksgiving. This is also one of the easiest dishes to make and thanksgiving is definitely the time to get creative. If you are looking for a roast that is out of this world, you can’t go wrong with a cauliflower. Cauliflower is one of the least difficult vegetables to cook with and the flavors that it lends to any dish are almost impossible to ignore. A baked potato with a cranberry sauce is another hearty, delicious option for thanksgiving.

These are just a few ideas. The only limits are your imagination and your hunger. Pumpkins, vegetables, cheeses, meats and dairy are all delicious on thanksgiving. You just need to remember what you’re putting into the oven, and you’ll have a delicious dinner that everyone will love.

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